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    The staff at Mystery Media is highly sensitive to the privacy of our website
    users and believes that the protection of their privacy interests is one of our
    most important responsibilities. In acknowledgment of our obligations,
    Mystery Media has adopted the policy items listed below:

    1. Acquisition of Information - We do not acquire any more information
    about our users and contributors than is necessary to protect the author's
    copyright prerogative.

    2. Security Measures. We only gather users names and email addresses
    for copyright protection reasons.  We do not want any of the downloadable
    materials offered on this site used, in any way, for commercial purposes, or
    for distribution other than to the students in our users classes.

    4. Disclosure to Third Parties. We will provide individually-identifiable
    information about users to third parties only if we are compelled to do so
    by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority or we have the
    express permission of the user.

    If you have questions about this privacy policy, please send an e-mail to:

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