Have you come up with Math class activities that your
    fellow math teachers could use?

    Many of the Math Teachers we have known through the years have been very
    innovative and clever about producing simply outstanding, professional looking
    teacher authored materials for their classes. These materials could also be put
    to good use by other teachers and can save valuable time that all teacher
    need.  Please join us in sharing some of the resources each of us have
    authored for our own classes with our colleagues who might find them useful in
    their classes.
    Your contributed creations will be protected

    When materials that you have contributed are included for download on this
    website you will be given full credit for their creations and they will remain
    YOUR PROPERTY. Your rights to those materials will be protected, and you
    can request to have them removed from this website and returned to you at

    Please email graphing puzzles that you have created to this address:  


    Please include the following information in your email:

  • your name
  • your email
  • your school (optional)
  • the name you would like used in the credits  to be included at the bottom
    of the puzzle

    Thank you for your participation in our efforts to make life just a little bit simpler
    for our fellow professionals!

    Mr & Mrs E.