Point Plotting Puzzles are now Free

For years we have sold the "CARTESIAN
CARTOONS" series of graping activity books through
our company Mystery Media.

We have finally reached the point where we would
rather not spend the time necessary to run an internet
business.  So we are now offering all of the puzzles
that were included in our three activity books free for
teachers and home schoolers to download and use
with their students.

We invite others who may have made graphing
activities for their classes to send a copy to:  so that it can
also be uploaded to the site for other teachers to use.
Hi! We are the husband and wife team who
run this website.  Before retiring we both
spent 41 years teaching math in junior high
schools and high schools in the Seattle area.
series of activity booklets that contain
point-plotting puzzles for students that are
just starting to study graphing.  We are now
offering these puzzles to math teachers and
home-schoolers at no cost.

We are planning to include other materials
that we used in our classes as time goes by
and when time permits. Retirement keeps a
person very busy!  Thanks for visiting our
website.  We hope you will become a regular
visitor and even a participant!