Point Plotting Practice for Beginning Graphers
1st quadrant puzzles
(grades 3 - 5)
**The downloads on this site are intended  ONLY for use by individual teachers and homeschool
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Welcome to the Cartesian Cartoons website home of the original Cartesian Cartoons graphing puzzles for
Pre-Algebra and Algebra students.
 Cartesian Cartoons are point plotting puzzles that result in clever and
amusing cartoon images when students correctly follow the ordered pairs listed on each puzzle pages.  
These fun puzzles are designed to provide point plotting practice for students who are beginning to study
graphing on a Cartesian Coordinate system in Pre-Algebra and beginning Algebra classes.

The puzzles include amusing cartoons, holiday themed puzzles, and  first quadrant puzzles for grades 3 -
6. The puzzles are free for Teachers and Home school instuctors to download and use with their students.
Students are asked to plot, on a piece of graph paper,  the ordered pairs listed on each puzzle in order,
connecting them with straight lines segments.  When completed Correctly the puzzles result in a "Cool"
cartoon image.  See images to the left.